Wabi Sabi, Tea Hotel

Tea Ceremony Experience

Meditation Room of 23 tatami

The heart of the Japanese tea

Wabi Sabi

The beautiful Japanese garden.
The delicious Japanese tea.
The large Japanese meditation room.

You can feel and experience
"Wabi Sabi" and the spirit of the Japanese tea.

We use greenish brown called "Rikyū color", which Sen no Rikyū have loved.

The walls of the the entrance is painted according to the color of the tea room reproduced by Sen no Rikyū, and the craftsmen carefully finished using the walls of the original house.

We made it possible to utilize it as a tea experience and group-like bedroom by utilizing the Japanese-style room of 24 tatami, which was a feature of the original residence (Kuroki residence).

About Us

Tea and hospitality


We will realize the "house to experience the heart of tea" which has never been seen before
I put the name "Tea heart" with the thought of.

Hospitality with the best tea in Japan

The chartered inn “Chashin” offers free tea. We prepare tea to put in teapot and drained tea in refrigerator.

We have tea incense in the hotel. Please spend time relaxing and relaxing.

Tea story

Large garden and terrace

Ichigo ichie

You can look at the beautiful garden and surround the bonfire.
Together with our customers while cherishing once a year
I hope that you will create a special place.

Special time with important people in the garden

A large garden is the 1 charm of Kuroki House. The craftsmen carefully pruned on opening the private accommodation “Chashin” and turned into a beautiful garden.

You can enjoy the beauty of nature and the change of the four seasons while drinking tea on the veranda and terrace.

A bonfire can be made in the garden if you make a reservation in advance. Please spend a special time with your loved ones.

Wabi Sabi, The Tea Hotel


2019.05.15 2019.06.18

Asahi Shinbun introduced the one-house reserved hotel "Teashin"

In the Asahi Shimbun (2019 year 6 month 6 morning newspaper), the one-house chartered house "Teashin" was introduced. We received an interview about the characteristics of "Made mind" and the feelings we put on "Made mind", and the contents were published as articles. Thanks to you, reservation of accommodation increases, too ...


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