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Crowdfunding started: Takeaki Akari Festival held on 9 / 21 International Peace Day and distributed to the world

Keiho Takahashi, the manager of the one-house reserved hotel "Chashin", has started the challenge of crowdfunding.

Project Outline
Opened on 5 / Month 1, "Inn to experience the heart of tea", which aims to attract inbound customers, with the aim of revitalizing vacant houses and revitalizing the area. We will hold a "Take Akari" event at 9 Mon 21 International Peace Day to convey the attraction of Japan from the region to the world and to create a place to connect people and the region. And we do video photography, video production and distribute to the world in English and Chinese!

Eyeball return
【Early support bonus】
First-come-first-served XNUM users only: 20,000 yen
We will provide 1 pieces of “Mass Heart” pair accommodation tickets (with 1 night breakfast).

◆ The charm of the hotel and tea center to experience the heart of tea ◆
□ About 57 tsubo (188 square meters) the area is reserved for 1 evening 1 group limitation
□ Mindfulness in the 1 Tatami Meditation Room
□ Enjoy tea that receives high acclaim from Japan and the world with tea containers nationwide
□ Read a wide variety of books while looking at the large beautiful garden
□ Experience new technology in a comfortable space controlled by IoT
□ We plan to introduce air weave to the bedroom (bed) to provide a comfortable sleep
□ Various experiences are possible such as bonfire, BBQ, hand-made tea

In addition, we offer return other than accommodation ticket and return for business.

Project details are here

We all make bamboo light with world peace

"Take Akari" installed between the floor of "Tea heart"

Make a hole in the bamboo and light the light (candles and LEDs) "Take Akari" and produce and produce it "CHIKAKEN <Chikaken>"Mr. In this event, with the cooperation of "CHIKAKEN <Chikaken>", we will make "Bake Akari" with everyone in the area that lives in Shintomi-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture.

The "Bake Akari" produced will be installed in the garden, courtyard and house of "Teashin", and on September 21st International Peace Day, we will transmit the message of "World Peace" to the world!

[Summary of Bamboo Light Event (Planned)]

■ Venue: Chashin (Shintomi-cho, Shinyu-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture)
■ Contents and schedule:
□ 14: 00-15: 30: Takekari Production Workshop
※ 1 Group (centered on local residents)
□ 1: X NUM X-X NUM X: X NUM X: Visiting tea ceremony time
□ 16: 30-18: 00: Takekari Production Workshop
※ 2 Group (guests / supporters only)
□ 18: 00-18: 30: Exchange time
□ 1: X NUM X-X NUM X: X NUM X: Lights with the "World Peace" message · Commemorative photo
※ Transportation expenses should be paid by the participants themselves
※ Time may change

Not only local people but also those who support you can participate in the event. If you live in Shintomi-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture, or nearby areas, anyone with a relationship or anyone in the distance, if you can agree with this world peace event, thank you for your support!

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