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  3. Crowdfunding support amount exceeded 100 10,000 yen

Crowdfunding support amount exceeded 100 10,000 yen

Manager of one house chartered house "Tea heart", Yoshihiko Takahashi is challengingCloud FundingThe amount of support exceeded the 100 10,000 yen.

Opened on 5 / Month 1, "Inn to experience the heart of tea", which aims to attract inbound customers, with the aim of revitalizing vacant houses and revitalizing the area. We will hold a "Take Akari" event at 9 Mon 21 International Peace Day to convey the attraction of Japan from the region to the world and to create a place to connect people and the region. And we do video photography, video production and distribute to the world in English and Chinese!

Crowdfunding 2 weeks left

We have received support messages from many people. Support and reservations have also increased gradually.

With crowdfunding, with 3 10,000 yen support, you can subscribe to 57 tsubo tea hearts.

Thank you for your support share and support!