About Us

Wabi Sabi, The Tea Hotel

Tea and hospitality of the new green garden

All the teas offered free of charge at the private accommodation “Chashin” are fresh green garden teas. We are preparing teapots for teapots and pouring tea in the refrigerator.
And we have tea incense in the hotel. Please spend time relaxing and relaxing.
Also, if you make a reservation in advance, you will be entertained by the tea ceremony and tasteful tea experiences by the tea master of the tea planting power 9 of the new green garden.

The making of hotel connected with Senrikyu

We use greenish brown called "Rikyū color", which Sen no Rikyū have loved. The walls of the the entrance is painted according to the color of the tea room reproduced by Sen no Rikyū, and the craftsmen carefully finished using the walls of the original house.
In addition, the Japanese-style room of 1 tatami, which was a feature of Kuroki House, will be used as it is as a bedroom for tea experiences and groups.

Enjoy in the large garden and terrace

A large garden is the 1 charm of Kuroki House. The craftsmen carefully pruned on opening the private accommodation “Chashin” and turned into a beautiful garden. You can enjoy the beauty of nature and the change of the four seasons while drinking tea on the veranda and terrace.
And if you make a reservation in advance, you can have a bonfire and barbecue in the garden for free. Have a special time with your loved ones.

Hotel where you can experience the heart of "Wabi Sabi"

A tea ceremony that has a great success. As an important teaching in the tea ceremony, the spirit that Senrikyu has put up is “Wabi Sabi”. In our private hotel “Chashin”, we will face the customer while learning and deepening this teaching and taking care of it.

We will offer you the time to meet each other with peace of mind, respect each other, face each other cleanly, and with only one pair for one night.

It would be nice if we could create together with you a lodging in the small town of Shintomi-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture, which has been selected as Japan's No. 1 and has received a high acclaim from Japan. is.

Migration and creation starting from an empty house

A rich area of ​​the southern country Miyazaki

A town with a population of about 17,000, Miyazaki Prefecture, about 30 minutes north of Miyazaki Airport by car, Shintomi-cho.

There are blessed with a mild climate and rich nature, and it has a large farmland of about 460 of Tokyo Dome, 1 grain of 1000 lychee, high quality pepper, cucumber, tomato, zucchini, mango, melon, grape・ It is Japan's leading agricultural area where various crops such as kumquat can be taken.

The rich coastline facing the Pacific Ocean, by its beauty, also serves as a spawning ground for loggerhead sea turtles, and in summer you can see spawning and the release of freshly laid sea turtles. In 2018, the 207 group of tombs that will be left in the area will be recognized as a Japanese heritage site, and it will be a destination for more and more tourists in the future.

Make use of local resources and earn properly. And it is also an area that has been evaluated as an investment in human resource development, and has been selected as the country's local revitalization best case.

Japan's No. 1 Tea Garden, New Green Garden and Tea Heart

By carefully selecting such Miyazaki tea and selling it as its own brand, Shinryoen is working to increase the smiles of tea producers in Miyazaki Prefecture and to enhance the value of the area. In addition, Mr. Shingo Kuroki, a representative of the Shin-Green Garden, is the home of the former owner of Kuroki House.

With cooperation and cooperation with such a new green garden, offer of tea in the hotel and tea experience, tea experience by tea master of tea judgment power 9 stage etc. are realized, and there is unprecedented "heart of tea With the thought of realizing a hotel to experience, we named it "Shinshin".

A place where you meet the important person and your self

As I deepened my learning about tea in order to realize a hotel where you can experience the heart of tea, I came across the word “Wakai Kiyori” that Senrikyu had put up.

We have to operate while deepening our own learning, but we think that facing the customer while taking care of the words will lead to the realization of a “hotel where you can experience the heart of tea”. You

A place where you can meet in peace, respect each other, be pure and face one another.

Drink delicious tea slowly while looking at the beautiful garden. Face with yourself in a large Japanese-style room that you don't usually see. Spending time with important people while tasting fresh seasonal vegetables. Face your partner, friends, and yourself while enclosing the bonfire.

We hope that we will create such a place with our customers from now on, while cherishing once a year meetings.