2. Experience: Kofun walk

Experience: Kofun walk

2018 Year 5, an ancient tomb group that spans 3 towns in Miyazaki city, west city, Shintomi-cho, has been recognized as a Japanese heritage as "an ancient monument-drawing a picture on the terraced landscape of southern country Miyazaki."

There are many famous tombs and large-scale tombs throughout the country, but the state of preservation is good throughout the country, and it is highly appreciated that the ancient landscape remains well. In addition, by visiting each group of burial mounds, you can experience the history of the burial mound 300 years from the 3rd century AD to the 7th century AD.

The tombs that can sense the change of the Kofun period in the 1 area are very rare. You can do mindfulness while walking or cycling while watching the ancient burial mounds.

Period All year (depending on the weather)
Any time
Price tax not included 5000 yen
Capacity: Up to 5 names (consultation is required if the number increases)
Reservation Advance reservation required

* If you are traveling by your own car: No cost or reservation is required

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Experience: Kofun walk