2. Guest Room

Guest Room

The Tea Hotel - Chashin

□ Type: Private house (homeowner residence type residence)
□ Area: 188.90 square meters (57.14 tsubo)
□ Room: Kitchen, dining, living, curbside, large hall, bedroom, toilet, washroom, dressing room, bathroom, terrace, garden
□ Accommodable number: The number of guests is limited in order to enjoy the space 1 people ~ 10 people (semi double bet 2 bed and futon 8 group)
□ Equipment: refrigerator, rice cooker, cookware, kettle, dishes, table, chair (x 6), sofa, air conditioner, free Wi-Fi, parking space, pajamas, toothbrush


Award-winning tea and the heart of the Japanese tea.

Accommodation (breakfast: free service)

hotel fee
* More than 5 people: Additional 1 10,000 yen / day for each person (excluding tax)
※ For high school students, 15 and older are adult rates
※ Child fees for junior high school and elementary school students
※ Free for sleeping under the age of 6
※ Price may be changed

Introduction of restaurant

Recommended for dinner

the Japanese restrant, Madokoro
※ Per person charge standard: ¥3,000~/person
* BBQ can be done in the garden (separate cost / consultation required)
* Chef on-site cooking service is planned.
* Planning for delivery of meals and lunch boxes.

□ Free service: A teacup using local tea garden selected from Japan and a local pickle set


We will provide it free of charge upon your request.

□ Enjoy local tea
We always have Japanese tea specialty stores "Shinkorien" and "Yumechabo" teas selected as Japan's No. 1 and "Morimocha" from Toyodorien made in an organic JAS-certified field. Please enjoy it with your favorite teapot.

Other paid services

Transfer Option:
□ Hyuga Shintomi Station: Free
□ Miyazaki Airport / Miyazaki City: ¥5,000 + tax
(Use of a rental car is convenient)

□ Enjoy the beautiful garden
You can have a bonfire or barbecue in the large and beautiful garden. As a necessary equipment, we will rent a Snow Peak bonfire set for a fee. (Please prepare BBQ ingredients.)

□ Enjoy talking with the tea master
You can experience tea making and handed tea by the representative of “Shinryoen”, which is the best selected in Japan (tea maker of tea appraisal power 9 stage). Reservations and adjustments are required in advance. (Please note that this may be refused due to the schedule of the tea master.)

Special sake
Available from local liquor stores that handle a wide variety of wines, shochu and sake (extra charge)

Guest Room, experience name
Guest Room